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How to activate hulu on your device?,, hulu activate

Activate hulu on your device

For activate Hulu code, you need good Internet speed. In addition, you also need a Desktop or Laptop computer, where you can open your Hulu account.
As you want to activate your Hulu plus, therefore you need a Hulu account. In addition, you need to follow some step which will help you to set up Hulu

Note: In Addition Please make sure your device is connected with the Internet. In addition, you also need a desktop or laptop computer.
In addition, you need a Hulu account with a subscription. You can only access the channel which you have subscribed.
In other words, you can watch other channels which you haven’t subscribed but not for a long time.

  • Turn on your device ( TV / Roku )
  • Open the Hulu Application
  • It will give you an Activation Code with a URL
  • Need to Go to URL: ( Laptop or Desktop )
  • After that You need to Login with Your Email & Password
  • After that click on add device for hulu
  • Put the activation code here
  • Put the Name & Location of your TV
  • Click on continue
  • Choose the channel which you have with subscription
  • Click on continue again
  • Your Hulu will start taking update for channel
  • Go to the TV now and after that check by using Remote
  • Maybe it will ask for your email and password on your TV so please remember the email and password which you will use on Desktop & Laptop Computer.

In conclusion, You will be able to use your Hulu on your TV, you can stream for your channel and shows, movies.cod

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